May Security Notice

Security Notice: Google Docs

Google Apps (Docs)

Greetings All,

This month’s topic is less than 48 hours old and still creating a buzz in the world of Information Security. Google’s G-Suite formally known as Google Apps has been exploited by a phishing attack aimed at google users that have OAUTH2 accounts.

The attack appears as an e-mail where a user receives a shared document from a familiar name possibly one from your contact list. Once you click on this link, you will be redirected to the OATUH2 service on (which is the real purpose behind this attacked), then asking for authentication and/or your password.

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Small Business Contest: Our Story

Just Right Technology is an IT Consultant company that specializes in providing the small business community with IT Advisors for the purpose of comprehending, developing, and executing their technology related functions, including but not limited to, computer hardware/software integration, system design, and information processing. In 2006, it started out as a simple PC repair company with dreams of becoming an industry leader. After 6 years of managing the business part time, a decision had to be made; leap or lay down. So in 2012, The founder, Jason Thigpen left the comfort of a corporate job to pursue running Just Right Technology full time. The reality for any entrepreneur starts with the question of how does one want to spend the rest of his/her life? For this budding entrepreneur, the answer was not sitting in a cubical wasting away.

Although operating a business is challenging and at times down right tough, the pleasure of hearing satisfied clients rejoice provides plenty of motivation to push forward. The daily adventure of building a company when resources are limited and cash is always an issue, never gets boring. The interesting part about growing as a business and acquiring clients requires one or both to evolve. Still providing antiquated services to loyal clients creates another type of challenge, but having an open mind to opportunities will create a healthy balance as the business grows. You have to outpace your circumstance and don’t limit yourself, or else, growth will remain a dream. The results always benefit the greater community or market because effective services and products yield stability in any environment.

The best part of running a small business is the increase of technology related tools like Linkedin ProFinder which can improve marketing efforts for any business. At Just Right Technology, ProFinder will increase our conversion rate whilte providing direct exposure to the online small business community, which is close to half a billion on Linkedin. I would use ProFinder as a weekly go to tool to increase conversion rates and grow the business.

This article was written and inspired by the impact of SMB opportunities like the #ProFindersContest which Just Right Technology has a chance to finish in the top 3.


IT Advisor

An IT Advisor encompasses all aspects of Information Technology i.e. Hardware, Software, and Infrastructure. Keep in mind that not all subcategories for the afore-mentioned areas are necessary to become or be identified as an IT Advisor, but having a common familiarity is crucial. The IT Advisor role and function meets many of the demands placed on the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) position within an organization and differ only in title and salary. The necessity of an IT Advisor is the result of an increased need to command technology as it relates to business success and productivity.

That is why at Just Right Technology we have focused our attention on developing our skills based on that definition. The goal is to find out what areas of each IT disciple that most intrigue you and then discover or develop the opportunities around it. Initial resistance to this idea is natural, but from my prospective, still training people for jobs and roles that are diminishing only results in wasted time and resources.


First Day Notes


WOW! The first day was rewarding in many ways.

In the advanced session we explored Computer Hardware and the internal components of the modern desktop computer while discussing microcomputers like the Raspberry Pi. Once the conversation was done we began constructing the bare computers components and watched the results.

While the first Saturday was a complete success and the series has started, I still encourage families that are interested to register and join us for the remaining sessions.


FREE Service Offering

Just Right Technology is excited to announce our free service offering to entrepreneurs and small business owners. My moto is “Make Technology Work For You” and this article delivers that formula right to you. At the beginning of each consultation, I find out how the business makes money because if the revenue model is failing then how will you pay me. Therefore it’s important assist in more aspects then just technology in order to really make it work for you. Please continue to find how to acquire free IT services from Just Right Technology.

If you have never heard of Digital Signage, then now is the time to find out.


Digital Signage is advertising and marketing through digital devices like HDTV’s. One of my favorite black businesses using tech is “Uptown Juice Bar” on 125th Street in Harlem, NY. The menus are amazing and showcase the menu options in a matter that drives more business.


If you’re a store owner or require new ways to market your business product or service please contact us at

You may be eligible to receive free installation of a digital signage kit from Just Right Technology or if the decision is made up, please click on the following link to find the right plan for you.


Offer 2.

For startups, grassroots, individuals, and organizations looking to get professional website services, look no further. Just Right Technology is offering free website maintenance services to entrepreneurs on that opt in to the strikingly platform. All you have to do is sign up for one of Strikingly’ paid plans by clicking this link or the photo below. Once complete, send your account registration information to with the subject “Website Maintenance” and I will reach within 48 hours to start helping you developing a website.


Ruby & HTML Enthusiasts

Greetings Ruby & HTML Enthusiasts!

I want to thank you for your participation and attention last week in the first lesson of “Introduction to Programming using Ruby”. This week begins our journey down the exciting road of after school boot camp, but do not fear, you will succeed.

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The Best $35 You Will Ever Spend

Greetings All.

This year is already starting off with a lot of excitement and opportunities. Starting March 5th, 2015, Just Right Technology will be sponsoring a Digital Literacy class & workshop series in Harlem

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Continue to Support…. in 2015

Greetings All,

Hoping that everyone had joyous holiday season with family and friends. As the year is just getting started, I wanted to recap 2014 and mention upcoming articles and event for 2015.

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Got An Application Idea?

As an IT Advisor, people ask about applications, the process for building one, and if I am familiar. The short answer is yes. But the long answer really comes in the form of a question back to the individual. Typically you do not need to be an IT expert to have a application idea or to have it built, but having a general sense of the big picture is crucial. Below is a list (in no particular order) of factors to consider when that light bulb is lit.

Over Stand the goals
Are you solely going to make money with this application, or is it a game changer that will take more time developing than funding.

Over Stand your target audience
Who are they? Where are they? Why would they use your application? How would they use it?

Once the target group is identified, possibly create a focus group
You need genuine feed back from potential users before moving forward. Believing you have solved the world’s next big issue is great, but hearing directly from the world is even better.

Is it scalable?
Not every idea and business model are meant to be scaled. But if you over stand this and plan accordingly, then you may reap the benefits. Let’s say your application is scalable, figure out if one aspect of the app can solve a problem now and start there.

Scalability pt 2
Continuing from the previous step, if you have singled out the one feature, then save the remaining functions for the next release.

Research the target users against your business application
Make sure you have studied how the market responds to applications in the industry you’ve chosen. Without proper research, you can miss the true opportunity or potentially hope for one where it does not exist.

Check out the competition
Always check if something already exists, period. Not just for your chosen platform, but in the industry and the world at large. The world is full of great ideas and many people are at various stages of those ideas. But please do not let a long list of similar ideas deter you from moving forward. That could be a sign that your genius is needed.

Consult with a trusted IT Advisor or small team of friendly developers
Unless you are a technical person, getting advice is the best thing you can do. As an IT Advisor, the best way to help the community with their application ideas was writing this article. Reading this list and answering the questions below will get you on the right track.

Defining Growth
It is important to work with a tech team or individual. The projections and long term outlook can only truly be determined by someone in the tech space. Without the knowledge of what exists and what is developing, the long term outlook for your project will be limited.

Develop a strong process for analyzing your application
This process should include the number of users you expect as well as the number of companies in that space.

What is the purpose of your app?
Create a list of tasks, an idea for your app, and the type of user you are targeting. Then write a goal statement: Define your app’s purpose and the most important user in one sentence if possible. Example: A wish list creation tool for people who never do impulse shopping.

Focus on one main use case
This will make it easy to pitch and market the application and ultimately serve as your slogan or mission statement of sorts.

Concentrate on a few key features
Once your main use case is determined, figuring out a couple of key features should be simple. These features will be centered on the main use of the application.

How will people use your app?
Your main scenario should also consider the user environment in which your app is used. For an educational application, you should consider ease of use as well as time taken to access the platform, etc.

Sketch out your app
Think about the functionality of your app, and put the user interface elements that correspond to the most important interactions in the most prominent places. Think about how the screens will look on desktop versus tablet/mobile.

Required technologies
Look at your list of functionality, and make some notes about what technologies you will likely use to build those requirements.

Testing plan
Build a reasonable testing plan into your project plan to reduce the chance of being hit by expensive unexpected surprises later on in the implementation stages.

End Of The Year Deals

Greetings All,

On behave of Just Right Technology, J and L Goods and our entire family, we pray this year’s celebrations bring you and yours much joy and appreciation for life. As an entrepreneurial family, our work is never done. As always, we give thanks to those customers and clients that have supported us through the years.

Because of that support we have decided to offer everyone discounted rates on all of service and products. If you have any questions or comments regarding our end of the year sales, please contact us using the information on the flyer.

For Samples of our work please use the links below.

J and L Goods is still under construction and is not accepting online orders, but does have examples of hand made items at the website.

Just Right Technology works can be viewed at the this link.

Peace & Blessings to you and yours.