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Greetings All,

Hoping that everyone had joyous holiday season with family and friends. As the year is just getting started, I wanted to recap 2014 and mention upcoming articles and event for 2015.

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Got An Application Idea?

As an IT Advisor, people ask about applications, the process for building one, and if I am familiar. The short answer is yes. But the long answer really comes in the form of a question back to the individual. Typically you do not need to be an IT expert to have a application idea or to have it built, but having a general sense of the big picture is crucial. Below is a list (in no particular order) of factors to consider when that light bulb is lit.

Over Stand the goals
Are you solely going to make money with this application, or is it a game changer that will take more time developing than funding.

Over Stand your target audience
Who are they? Where are they? Why would they use your application? How would they use it?

Once the target group is identified, possibly create a focus group
You need genuine feed back from potential users before moving forward. Believing you have solved the world’s next big issue is great, but hearing directly from the world is even better.

Is it scalable?
Not every idea and business model are meant to be scaled. But if you over stand this and plan accordingly, then you may reap the benefits. Let’s say your application is scalable, figure out if one aspect of the app can solve a problem now and start there.

Scalability pt 2
Continuing from the previous step, if you have singled out the one feature, then save the remaining functions for the next release.

Research the target users against your business application
Make sure you have studied how the market responds to applications in the industry you’ve chosen. Without proper research, you can miss the true opportunity or potentially hope for one where it does not exist.

Check out the competition
Always check if something already exists, period. Not just for your chosen platform, but in the industry and the world at large. The world is full of great ideas and many people are at various stages of those ideas. But please do not let a long list of similar ideas deter you from moving forward. That could be a sign that your genius is needed.

Consult with a trusted IT Advisor or small team of friendly developers
Unless you are a technical person, getting advice is the best thing you can do. As an IT Advisor, the best way to help the community with their application ideas was writing this article. Reading this list and answering the questions below will get you on the right track.

Defining Growth
It is important to work with a tech team or individual. The projections and long term outlook can only truly be determined by someone in the tech space. Without the knowledge of what exists and what is developing, the long term outlook for your project will be limited.

Develop a strong process for analyzing your application
This process should include the number of users you expect as well as the number of companies in that space.

What is the purpose of your app?
Create a list of tasks, an idea for your app, and the type of user you are targeting. Then write a goal statement: Define your app’s purpose and the most important user in one sentence if possible. Example: A wish list creation tool for people who never do impulse shopping.

Focus on one main use case
This will make it easy to pitch and market the application and ultimately serve as your slogan or mission statement of sorts.

Concentrate on a few key features
Once your main use case is determined, figuring out a couple of key features should be simple. These features will be centered on the main use of the application.

How will people use your app?
Your main scenario should also consider the user environment in which your app is used. For an educational application, you should consider ease of use as well as time taken to access the platform, etc.

Sketch out your app
Think about the functionality of your app, and put the user interface elements that correspond to the most important interactions in the most prominent places. Think about how the screens will look on desktop versus tablet/mobile.

Required technologies
Look at your list of functionality, and make some notes about what technologies you will likely use to build those requirements.

Testing plan
Build a reasonable testing plan into your project plan to reduce the chance of being hit by expensive unexpected surprises later on in the implementation stages.

End Of The Year Deals

Greetings All,

On behave of Just Right Technology, J and L Goods and our entire family, we pray this year’s celebrations bring you and yours much joy and appreciation for life. As an entrepreneurial family, our work is never done. As always, we give thanks to those customers and clients that have supported us through the years.

Because of that support we have decided to offer everyone discounted rates on all of service and products. If you have any questions or comments regarding our end of the year sales, please contact us using the information on the flyer.

For Samples of our work please use the links below.

J and L Goods is still under construction and is not accepting online orders, but does have examples of hand made items at the website.

Just Right Technology works can be viewed at the this link.

Peace & Blessings to you and yours.

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toyota (1)
Toyota (NYSE:TM), the world’s top automaker and creator of the Prius, is committed to building vehicles for the way people live through its Toyota, Lexus and Scion brands.  Over the past 50 years, Toyota has built more than 25 million cars and trucks in North America, where it
operates 14 manufacturing plants and directly employs more than 40,000 people.  The company’s 1,800 North American dealerships sold more than 2.5 million cars and trucks in 2013 – and about 80 percent of all Toyota vehicles sold over the past 20 years are still on the road today.
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Best Buy’s Geek Squad is the largest electronics and appliance installation and repair organization in the country. We aim to make life happier and more productive by helping you get the most from the devices you plug into your wall or your car. Now in its eighth year, Geek Squad Academy inspires young people to become as excited about technology as we are through fun, interactive classes and activities. Our hands-on learning programs help students experience technology personally by creating music, learning about photography and production, exploring 3D design, and programming robotics.
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Indiegogo is the largest global crowdfunding platform, empowering people around the world
to fund what matters to them.
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Blending the physical and the digital, Sprout lets you work in the tangible, tactile world we live in. No complicated processes. No intimidating technology. Just you, sprout and your imagination. A whole new workspace where you can roll up your sleeves and create something. Instantly. It’s time to reimagine what you can do.
The Sand Noise Device (SND) is both a complex generative music system as well as a novel and intuitive interface for interacting with this system.

Dovetailed logo
Dovetailed is a user experience design studio and innovation lab. We​ ​create compelling experiences in ​physical and digital spaces.
DODOcase believes the next million VR experiences will come from mobile devices and has made it possible for the masses to explore VR in a cost effective, attainable way with itsSmartphone Virtual Reality Viewer. The company’s build-your-own kit costs only $25 and will allow anyone the ability to experience VR. Inspired by the Google cardboard project announced at the 2014 I/O conference, DODOcase was quick to act by designing and developing its own version of the viewer and aVR app (in beta) which serves as a portal to the VR content that currently exists.
Matterport Logo
Matterport makes it easy for anyone to create immersive 3D models of real-world spaces and properties that can be experienced and shared online.
Beam enables people to be there, and interact naturally by seeing and being seen, and hearing and being heard, from anywhere in the world.
LEIF is an eSnowboard that allows you to slide, drift and carve around city streets just like a snowboard with wireless control up to 20mph.
Formed in 2005, Aldebaran create companion robots that positively influence our daily lives. They are also for education, reception, assistance, entertainment, and even autism therapy.
LEGO Systems, Inc. is the North American division of The LEGO Group, a privately-held, family-owned company based in Billund, Denmark, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of creatively educational play materials for children. The company is committed to the development of children’s creative and imaginative abilities, and its employees are guided by the motto adopted in the 1930s by founder Ole Kirk Christiansen: “Only the best is good enough.”
GizmoSphere will host an immersive, interactive experience powered by a single Gizmo development board for embedded systems. Battle with a friend in a two-player death match that showcases the impressive power behind Gizmo through futuristic graphics, gesture recognition, and exciting interactions. Even better, GizmoSphere openly shares all the source code and assets online so you can see just how it’s done. Get ready to Enter The GizmoSphere.
OnePlus is a disruptive technology startup changing the smartphone market through design, pristine craftsmanship and interaction with the user.
Say goodbye to paper with Boogie Board eWriters, the eco-friendly, paperless and cost-effective replacement for sketchpads and notebooks everywhere!
Chaotic Moon Studios designs, develops and delivers awesome software for the planet’s biggest brands — like FOX, Disney, Marvel, Pizza Hut and Intel. Simply put, we’re the best.
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Fever is a social discovery platform changing the way people make plans. We deliver a curated list of events that tailored specifically for each user, for them to share with friends, book in two clicks, and enjoy a night out.
Meet Nod—the world’s most advanced Bluetooth enabled gesture control ring. From VR gaming to the connected home and office, Nod creates a beautiful way to touchlessly and gesturally communicate with the world around you.
Luidia Inc., originally founded in 2003, and reincorporated in 2013, has over 100 interactive technology and digital capture patents. Headquartered in Belmont, CA, Luidia creates eBeam and Equil product lines for B2B, B2C, education and OEM customers worldwide.
TellSpec, the company behind the world’s first consumer food sensor, is a privately held corporation founded on February 1, 2013, headquartered in Toronto, Canada.
Alpha One Labs an educational non-profit, founded in 2009,provides tools and space for people to work on projects and hosts classes and events.
Easier To Use, LLC is launching GoGlove, a wearable wireless remote control.  Our Team is focused on product design, enabling technology to simplify our lives
SoundFocus makes intelligent sound systems that personalize audio to your hearing, tastes and the ambient environment. Amp, a sound-system in a phone case, just launched.
The KOR-FX Gaming Vest uses award-winning 4DFX technology that transforms the audio coming from your games or media into pinpointed high-definition haptic feedback.
Handy is an on-demand home improvement and cleaning service that provides trusted, fully vetted professionals for common household services.
RICOH THETA a digital camera that captures the world around you with fully spherical, 360 degree imagery. Complete with spherical video and Wifi as well.
Karma puts easy-to-use, reliable Wi-Fi service in your pocket and keeps all your devices connected to the internet. You only pay for the data you use, that data never expires, there’s no monthly fees, no contracts, and sharing Karma connection with others earns you free data.
BeTerrific creates positive, engaging live original content in Technology, Sports, Business and Entertainment taking you behind the scenes and bridging the gap between icons and fans.
Codarica makes seriously fun coding games to enable children as young as 6 to code. Codarica’s first iPad app CodeQuest is now available for free!
Bloomsky Logo Web-Engadget
BloomSky aims to revolutionize weather by changing the way data is collected and shared. Crowdsourcing will help achieve real-time, hyperlocal weather data around the world
Feel confident in the kitchen. Nomiku harnesses the power of sous vide to help you become the chef you were born to be.
musiccomputing back logo
Music Computing is a maker of advanced Windows and Mac OS X keyboard production stations designed to allow anyone to produce complete radio-ready music.
Jaunt_logo_RGB_White (1)
Jaunt is a technology company delivering a completely new way to experience immersive media with the first full-stack hardware and software solution for cinematic VR.
The Wi-Fi enabled Ring Video Doorbell empowers homeowners to know exactly what’s going on at home directly from their smartphone or tablet, thanks to its HD camera, two-way talk, motion detection, and cloud recording.
Clover has reinvented the traditional point of sale, long dominated by outdated server-based technologies. By building both innovative purpose built hardware as well as a leading cloud based software platform, Clover is able to best serve merchants and create opportunity for developers through the Clover App Market.
GIROPTIC is an electronic R&D and manufacturing company based in Lille, France.  With 100 man years of relevant experience in semiconductor and visual computer design engineering, GIROPTIC specializes in 360° vision technology.
Escort Live! Logo-1-Blk+286
ESCORT designs and manufactures the most awarded radar & laser detectors including PASSPORT Max™, the world’s only all-digital detector – ESCORT holds 85% of category patents.
Corning® Fibrance™ Light-Diffusing Fiber, a glass optical fiber optimized for thin, colorful, aesthetic lighting. This fiber enables lighting to be designed or embedded into tight or small places where other bulky lighting elements cannot fit. The fiber is bright yet nearly invisible when the light source is off, thereby enhancing a product’s overall aesthetics and user experience.
Huawei, a leading smartphone manufacturer, is ready to challenge the status quo. Its people-centric approach is disrupting the marketplace by delivering premium experiences, well-made and well-priced devices in a new way. For Huawei, 2014 will be a big year, with a big device launch, and a big story to tell.
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NY Next Top Makers logo
New York’s Next Top Makers encourages innovation and local manufacturing in NYC by increasing public access to new technology and resources; assisting a cohort of selected Fellows to establish their businesses; and connecting the surge in prototyping activity with existing manufacturing capabilities that provide well-paying jobs for many New Yorkers.
Cool Mom Tech – Whether you’re a parent or not, you’ll appreciate their common-sense info about tech, from helpful tips and app reviews, to stylish cases and gadget recommendations.
MAKE_logo_cmyk (1)
Make:, the leader of the maker movement, serves a growing community of passionate, resourceful individuals who believe if you can imagine it, you can make it.

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Pavlok is the first wearable that uses electric shock to train away bad behaviors.
Toymail is a connected platform that entertains, educates and connects children to those they love.
Mous Musicase – An iPhone case that holds and retracts Apple Headphones.
WallyHome uses SNUPI’s patented technology to monitor the moisture, temperature, and humidity of your home
Pensa Labs is dedicated to encouraging creativity by improving the accessibility of digital fabrication.
CubeSensors are stylish indoor monitoring devices that make your home healthier and your office more productive.
TouchJet has developed a TouchPico – a tiny handheld projector that turns any surface into giant 80-inch touchscreen. TouchPico is powered by duo-core embedded Android PC and it compatible with native Android apps.

Open Source

Greeting Family,

The importance of the term “Open Source” is very important as we move further into the world of technology. This article will provide an overview as well as resources for the community to build on to continually learn what it is and how effective open source models can be. For a more detailed look, check out free wikibooks on Open Source. Below you will also find a list of different open source list, as well as the wiki portal for all free and open software. Please use these resources as best you can. If you have challenges around the subject matter, ping us at Just Right Technology and answers will be provided.

Some of our primary suggestions:

Software: Ubuntu (Website) (Definition)
Hardware: Arduino (Website) (Definition)


List of commercial open-source applications

List of open-source healthcare software

List of open-source software packages

List of open-source video games

List of trademarked open-source software

List of open source Android applications

Terms based on open source

Open-source-appropriate technology

Open-source economics

Open Source Ecology

Open-source governance

Open-source hardware

Open Source Initiative

Open-source license

Open-source political campaign

Open-source record label

Open-source religion

Open-source robotics

Open-source software

Open-source movement


Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution (book)

Business models for open source software

Collaborative intelligence

Commons-based peer production

Commercial open-source applications

Community source

Digital freedom

Diseconomy of scale

Embrace, extend and extinguish

Free Beer

Free software

Gift economy

Glossary of legal terms in technology

Halloween Documents


Network effect

Open access (publishing)

Open content

Open data

Open design

Open format

Open implementation

Open innovation


Open research

Open security


Open Source Lab (book)

Comparison of open source and closed source

Open system (computing)

Open standard



Shared source

Vendor lock-in


Supernatural FX Showreel

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Trends in storytelling

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Snowboarding is fun!

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Snowboarding is fun!

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Rieder: Happier news about the news business

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