Change Platform/Environment (Online V. Offline)

Change Platform/Environment (Online V. Offline)

A change in platform and/or environment can create a new persona, image, or prospective for any business entity. For years we have seen similar shifts take place for individuals when moving from high school to college, from one job to another job, or from one relationship to another. This change of environment for a business means a potential shift for the owner/s as well. The new platform and/or environment comes with feelings of motivation and inspiration coupled with attractive features like new members and new circumstances. For this reason we must be mindful of our results in the present platform and/or environment before jumping forward to something else.

Many Afrikan(Black) business owners are expecting great success from marketing/advertising online through social media/networking sites that offer billions of users at their disposal. This challenge of succeeding online takes some finesse but can be accomplished if you remember the philosophical argument that art imitates life or the opposed idea that life actually imitates art.

Actual picture of hand holding a hammer beside a drawing of the same.

Regardless of your position it is safe to say that certain aspects of what exist in one exist in the other. The major point here is that before one can dominate the world online media/networking sites from a business prospective, you must first have some experience in dominating the very real offline community of attracting customers and working with other business entities, kwk.

Below is a split photo of the Owner and Creator of Pharaonic Brand Designs. This company is not a client of mine but is a prime example of how to run a strong campaign whether you are online or offline. The photo to the right shows the owner offline interacting with his customers, wearing his product as well as promoting his brand. The same approach is taken online with the companies facebook page where he interacts with clients by putting a spotlight on photos of them wearing Pharaonic products and where he continues to promote his brand. This is the reason Pharaonic Brand Designs has almost 1600 likes and continues to grow.

As Afrikan(Black) business owners you have to center your energy on practical goals in order to channel the energy in the proper direction. As an experienced IT consultant I would suggest focusing on one social media/networking site and mirror your efforts online to match your efforts offline. For practical solutions custom fit for your business please inbox me at or leave a message at 718-989-5754
Peace and Blessings