FREE Service Offering

FREE Service Offering

Just Right Technology is excited to announce our free service offering to entrepreneurs and small business owners. My moto is “Make Technology Work For You” and this article delivers that formula right to you. At the beginning of each consultation, I find out how the business makes money because if the revenue model is failing then how will you pay me. Therefore it’s important assist in more aspects then just technology in order to really make it work for you. Please continue to find how to acquire free IT services from Just Right Technology.

If you have never heard of Digital Signage, then now is the time to find out.


Digital Signage is advertising and marketing through digital devices like HDTV’s. One of my favorite black businesses using tech is “Uptown Juice Bar” on 125th Street in Harlem, NY. The menus are amazing and showcase the menu options in a matter that drives more business.


If you’re a store owner or require new ways to market your business product or service please contact us at

You may be eligible to receive free installation of a digital signage kit from Just Right Technology or if the decision is made up, please click on the following link to find the right plan for you.


Offer 2.

For startups, grassroots, individuals, and organizations looking to get professional website services, look no further. Just Right Technology is offering free website maintenance services to entrepreneurs on that opt in to the strikingly platform. All you have to do is sign up for one of Strikingly’ paid plans by clicking this link or the photo below. Once complete, send your account registration information to with the subject “Website Maintenance” and I will reach within 48 hours to start helping you developing a website.