Fund Raising

Fund Raising


Greetings All,

Just Right Technology is gearing up for some big changes in 2018 that includes hiring additional staff and expanding outside of New York City. These changes require financing. For that reason, we are raising funds to support these efforts going into the new year. This year has been tough for the entire world and here at Just Right Technology we are doing our part but would greatly appreciate if you consider supporting one of the follow efforts below.

Our total ask which you can find here on Gofundme will allow Just Right Technology to meet many of our 2017/2018 goals. This article also gives those interested in specific initiatives a chance to get involved at a deeper level than the Gofundme submission.

Please click on the desired initiative and I will reach out with additional information about the investment or donation.

Option 1

(Monthly Commitment starting at a $1.00 a month)

1. Institute of Just Right Technology – $2,750.00 will go toward the educational arm of the company where IT Advisors and IT Professionals  invest time and energy in teaching the next generation of technologists. Because this initiative is geared toward patrons of our educational efforts, we have created a Patreon Page which explains how to support the Institute of Just Right Technology.

Option 2

($200.00 plus)

2. Just Right Technology – The majority of this round is going right to operational cost for 3 months:

  • Additional IT Advisor Staff ($4,800.00)
  • Rent ($2,400.00)
  • Marketing & Advertising (Online & Print) ($550.00)
  • Online Services (Operations & Utilities) ($750.00)
  • Contractors ($1,000.00)

*Contributions between over $500.00 will receive a swag bag, a shout out on our company website for you or your company, and 1 Free IT Advisor Support Consultation.

Option 3

($500.00 plus partner)

3. Website Development/ Graphics Design – The remaining funds will go toward a creative team that will focus on Design and Development. Partner investments over $500.00 will receive free services that group for 3 months.
Thank you for your investment/donation and the continued support. This company will make great strides because of your support.