Humble Yourself

Humble Yourself


The life of an entrepreneur is always exciting and full of adventures. Every once in a while you get hit with back to back obstacles that question it all. The last few weeks have taken me on a tour through this very experience. The combination of personal and business issues that fall in the realm of health, as well as, finances can be overwhelming even for the strongest of individuals.  Although not completely free of the stressful part of it, maintaining an attitude of peace and counting my blessings has once again proven to win over the tough times.

Getting up every day and fighting to hustle can create an aggressive mentality, and you lose sight of the important things in life. No other opportunity in such a short time has taught me how to release that negative energy quicker than becoming a professional driver using Uber. The process was long and tedious, but after about 3 months of pacing myself through, NYC has a new driver!

Uber_Logotype_Digital_blackIn addition to keeping Just Right Technology self-funded, this opportunity creates a path to providing a daily service to people which makes it easy to remember that attitude of peace and counting your blessing part mentioned above.


I enjoy meeting new people and exploring the city which never seems to fall short of new activities and construction. It has also given me a chance to encourage friends and others considering taking that leap to go right ahead while the opportunity is still present. So remember to stay safe, remember your loved and keep service to others in mind.

Definitely connect with me if you want an honest, safe, and reliable driver in NYC.

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