Password Creation in 2 easy steps

Password Creation in 2 easy steps

I wanted to share a quick example of password creation. This information is meant for folks that struggle with proper password creation

and remembering passwords that are too complex because of the rules of certain sites.

1. Always write them down before typing them in.

Writing down things to remember them is not a tactic for elders

alone. Our minds are constantly limited by our environment and therefore perform at a less then perfect rate. But with some careful observation of your mental abilities and practice you can improve over time. So please write it down before typing it in.

2. KISS – Keep it simply sophisticated.The best way to keep it simple and sophisticated is by using one password but in different formats.

For example, use the word apple and a three digit number like 789 only a few different ways:

Hope fully this will help create a strong password that is easy to remember but ultimately you won’t forget because you wrote it down and the mind is exercising by holding on to the variations mentioned above.