WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes

WordPress is one of the more popular CMS (Content Management Systems) platforms available for novice and intermediate users for creating, managing, and marketing your own blog website. The system is effective and has popular functionality features that are used across many management systems i.e. easy yo use widgets and automatic appearance changes which make the control panel attractive and easy to use.

Today I want to discuss what to consider before picking a theme for your wordpress site.

Side Note: We will assume that prior to reading the above statements; you are familiar with WordPress and understand some of task associated the back end control panel. If that is not the case, please contact a professional (someone like me) that will handle your installation and maintenance. Below are some quick points to help you make a good choice.

First, let’s choose an appropriate theme type to filter down your theme search unless, you like looking at the 100s of templates that are available online.

Another Side Note: One site that I like to use for theme selections is templatemonster which offers themes for many platforms as well as many filter options which makes searching very quick and easy.

Now, once you have filtered through some themes and found some that interest you, make sure to pay attention to extra offers beside the theme itself. Although the extra offers are not malicious it can be easy to confuse the price for just the theme alone, so pay attention. The theme price should be moderately priced between $75 to $135 dollars depending on where you shop.
A nice feature to look for is a demo or preview option which allows you to test out the functionality of the theme before purchase. I can not stress the importance of carefully inspecting any demo to ensure that what you see is what you get.
Another good idea is checking out what design styles are popular or in heavy use because riding a wave will keep your future site present with the times. It also may give you some insight into how to market your blog.
Lastly, do not make a decision after one sitting of search time. Please make sure to exhaust the options where premium themes are concerned because the last thing you want is to select a theme and hate it the next day.
Don’t forget to check any links on the page and always free feel to contact Just Right Technology with technology related concerns.